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Templates for New Solidity Developers

We have prepared all popular frameworks, all in one place. You could created your own smart contract, with a click.


ERC 20

Open Zeppelin


Why Black IDE?

Smart Code Editor

Build your dApps more efficiently with the smart code editor, a toolkit specially designed for blockchain smart contract development.

Easier navigation with project tree window and tab-view code editor

One-click compile and deploy to networks of your choice

Automated highlight, syntax completion and spelling-check

Integrated log viewer and inline code error indicator

Contract Inspector

Interact with your smart contracts with freedom - grasp the overview at a glance and dig into details anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive graphic interface to interact with smart contract

Debug it your way with user-defined parameters and parameter store

Enjoy peace of mind with interaction history, Redo and Undos

High data readability from our visualized data tables

Network Manager

Quickly configure the blockchain network - start a local node with one click, or switch between testnets and the mainnet at any time.

Guided configuration to connect to blockchain networks

Easier set up, manage and stop your private networks

Connect to , switch among, even keep connection to blockchain networks

View status, basic information of your networks

Integrated Keypair and Resources Manager

Block Explorer

Check all the account information you need to know and directly access many tools required in development.

Freely access account information with address

Auto-refresh to latest account information

Integrated account toolkits to faucet and resource purchase

Easier call back favorite account by add to the list

And so much more...

RPC Client

Interact with Ethereum nodes

Fill out parameters, and view the response

ABI Storage

Store contract ABI when deployed successfully

Import ABI from outside the IDE

Keypair Manager

Create new keypairs with private keys

Import keypairs with private key / mnemonic

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Black IDE is now widely approved by solidity developers on Ethereum, BNB Chain, polygon, and so on.